Acciaieria Arvedi, through its new metallurgical complex in Trieste, is able to offer its cold rolled products in a vast range of grades and sizes.

The Trieste work:
– Surface area: 60,000 m2
– Cold rolling production capacity: 1.5 million tonnes/year
– Pig iron production capacity: 1 million tonnes/year
– Intermodal logistic hub

The production lines:
– 1 x 5-stand cold rolling mill
– 1 skinpass
– 32 bell furnaces for static annealing
– 2 slitters

Cold rolled steelStrong point of Arvedi cold rolled products

Quality the innovative hot rolling process in Cremona allows the procurement of coils with outstanding geometric characteristics for the production of cold rolled steels with unique features
Processability cold rolling at our Trieste works is able to maintain unchanged the fine grain, homogeneous structure of the base steel produced in Cremona and therefore its high formability characteristics
Flexibility our R&D department has developed a wide product mix in special steel grades and ultrathin gauges available in a minimum lot of just 1 coil
Assistance our technicians are available to study and search for the best solutions for making the end products
Surface clean and defect-free suitable for the most demanding applications
Close tolerances highly precise gauge, flatness and crown with particularly close and uniform tolerances
Reliability repetitive mechanical and geometrical characteristics homogenous for all supplies